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The ways users keep their information are constantly changing. First, there were floppy disks, but they could store so little information that they hardly could have been called a way out. Then disks came to our help (it’s worth mentioning that still some users keep using them). And now the most popular way of moving information from your computer to another place is using flash drives. But the most recent tendency is using cloud storages in order to be able to access your data and information from anywhere where you have stable Internet connection. And it looks like that in the nearest future cloud storages will prevail. And I think that for iPhone users cloud services is a great solution to the problem of not being able to increase the inner memory capacity. I’ve tried several cloud storages, comparing their plans and function, and here’s a list of best cloud storages for iPhone (in my view).




Well, surely Apple couldn’t miss the trend and have created its own cloud service for all Apple users. The service was introduced in 2011 by Steve Jobs. iCloud saves your contacts, mail addresses, multimedia files. With the help of iCloud you can create backup copies of your device that will be useful in case something happens with your iOS or simply buy a new iPhone. But in terms of functions iCloud can be significantly improved. That’s why a lot of developers still prefer not to deal with it. Though I’m sure that Apple will keep improving their service as there are a lot of perspectives connected with it.




Dropbox is one of the most popular and well-known cloud services in the world. They have created clients for both desktops and mobile platforms, including iOS. Apart from its direct functions of keeping your data, service allows you to use it as a streaming player for video and audio. This service is actively used by mobile developers. The main disadvantage of the service is that it provides only 2Gb of free disk space. But to be honest, the prices are very affordable. In addition, there’s a great function for iPhone users which is called Camera Upload. It allows automatic backup of all your photos.




SkyDrive has been created by Apple’s direct competitor – Microsoft. In comparison with iCloud, SkyDrive has some really great functions. Firstly, you can use SkyDrive on any device and on any platform and you do it for free. Secondly, this cloud service provides with 7Gb of free space storage which is the biggest amount among all the cloud services. Also, SkyDrive will be the best solution if you need to use Word and Excel.




This app is not as popular as Dropbox, but popularity is not always the best criterion for evaluation, is it? The main advantage of SugarSync is 5Gb of free disk space. The prices for additional storage are pretty good. But it should be mentioned that SugarSync is not widely used by third-party developers who prefer more popular cloud storages. Nevertheless, it’s a decent solution for a regular iPhone user.


Google Drive

google drive

And surely I couldn’t miss Google Drive – one of the biggest cloud storages in the world from a search giant. The developers from Google managed to create a pretty convenient cloud storage which cooperates perfectly with GoogleDocs and Gmail. So you get additional functional to a regular cloud service itself. Basic free plan includes 5Gb of disk space, not bad, huh? What is even more important for iPhone users is that the guys from Google have created a great cloud app for iPhone (and I think, it’s the best from all list). App’s killer feature is the ability to create and edit documents right in the program. And this feature is a big plus for the app and helps it to stand out among other cloud services.

What cloud service do you use?


Thank you to my Guest Post Author: Eugene Rudenko
Eugene Rudenko is a copywriter for IT company Intellectsoft. Intellectsoft is a well-known iPhone development company and is a preferred Apple (UK) supplier.

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