IP Imaging and Geophysical Resistivity Systems

Geophysical Resistivity SystemsAGI Advanced Geosciences, Inc. manufactures geophysical instruments for IP imaging and geophysical resistivity systems. It also offers excellent customer service for clients who are grappling with resistivity modeling and inversion theory as well as for clients who do not have the speed and memory in their computers for taking on large-scale resistivity imaging projects.

AGI offers seminars for three days on electrical resistivity imaging in Austin, Texas and in Madrid, Spain.

The seminars are on Resistivity Imaging and Marine Resistivity Imaging. The location in Madrid, Spain gives faster service to inquiries from Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The SuperSting R8/IP Multi-channel Resistivity Imaging System is a top seller worldwide. It is a breakthrough product of AGI Advanced Geosciences, Inc. It is now eight times faster than before to execute a resistivity imaging survey.

A few of the features that were designed to enhance the effectiveness in the field for people performing IP imaging and resistivity surveys are:

• Built in roll-along

• selectable electrode spacing in the instrument

• Re-working the electrodes in the field

• The possibility to shut off electrodes if the profile meets an obstacle Switch boxes are available for centralizing switching systems with passive electrode cables.

For more than 98 electrodes, several switch boxes can be connected. There is also a SuperSting R1/IP, which is a single-channel version of the SuperSting R8/IP. The excellent measuring sensitivity and other features are the same for both instruments.

The MiniSting is a low-cost version of the SuperSting R1 resistivity meter. There is also a new marine option of the SuperSting R8.


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