Huawei folding smartphone will replace the computer

Just a few weeks ago we learned that Huawei is ready to challenge Samsung in the race for the world’s first folding smartphone with a flexible display. Samsung has been talking about its folding smartphone Galaxy X (or Galaxy F) for many years, allowing leaks and rumors to warm up the public’s interest from time to time. However, the launch of the smartphone was postponed several times, which indicates the difficulties in developing a new form factor. Recently, Samsung said that some of the technologies that make up a folding smartphone, can be presented in November.

Samsung probably does not want to lag behind the Chinese smartphone maker, which already threatens its dominance in the smartphone market. Although nothing is known about the Huawei device, unlike the Galaxy F, its CEO Richard Yu made an interesting statement.

Richard Yu, answering the question about future mobile updates, stated that people use computers nowadays because the smartphone display is too small for them. He promised to change this and added that it is clear that the display can be folded.

He also confirmed that Huawei is already working on the smartphone, and we will not have to wait another year to see it. The head of Huawei did not disclose the actual information about the launch of the smartphone, but his interview showed other functions that we are likely to see in a folding smartphone, as well as in many other Huawei devices in 2019, including 5G and improved AI capabilities.

According to Richard Yu, the smartphone plays an increasingly important role in the lives of users and there is no device that is more personal. He believes that the smartphone will be a key device in the work, personal life, when paying for goods and services, as well as in entertainment. Artificial intelligence will help smartphone become smarter.

Huawei folding smartphone will replace the computer

According to Yu, artificial intelligence will have additional functions outside the camera and images. He says that artificial intelligence will help in creating augmented reality, as well as in real-time language translations of conversation. All this will be possible thanks to new powerful chips that include support for artificial intelligence and as the first example, Huawei introduced the Kirin 980 platform.

5G will also play a role in the evolution of smartphones, says Yu. He added that we will see more evolution than the revolution when it comes to devices and the user will certainly get more pleasure from using the devices. Translations of conversation in real time will be possible, because conversations can be sent to the cloud and back at lightning speed with a very short response time.

Huawei will unveil its next flagship smartphone Mate 20 Pro on October 16th. The company presents this smartphone as the true hero of the year, hinting that the device will surpass the new line of iPhone.

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